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Our invisible ink contact lenses are produced by a series of specific marked playing cards processing steps.
How to use magic invisible ink and glasses to see luminous invisible playing cards? How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen?
The perspective poker sunglasses for luminous playing cards are produced according to the principle of filter. Its appearance looks like normal sunglasses, so it is hard to be suspected by poker players when you play the poker card games.
It is suitable for all kinds of IR and UV light, also works well under the energy-saving light. What’s more, it can help you to use invisible ink pen contact lenses to see the invisible playing cards clearly.
How to detect luminous ink marked playing cards?
Both card cheating detecting device and playing cards cheating tricks are almost the same, if you have the knowledge of luminous marked cards, you are quite able to do card marking ink work by yourself with years of practices and detect any suspicious marks on every crooked deck. Before enter the part of how to detect marked cards, all poker players and curious audiences should know what types of invisible ink contact lenses marked cards readers out there.
In addition, invisible ink pen reader is another form of calling marked card.
The way to know the winners through the poker game without putting something on the table?
Is it achievable to study the ultimate marked deck of cards on the laptop or computer?
Are you bored about that every time you need to take a playing card scanner camera and poker analyzer syetem, if you need to make use of Texas Holdem and Omaha scanner technique?
Right here, all your annoyance is often solved, simply because we have laptop or computer scanning system, that is diverse from the typical poker analyzer and may see all barcode marked playing cards on the table. You also do not need to take infrared marked cards contact lenses, luminous ink marked cards glasses that will see invisible ink, just need to have an earpiece and a partner.
AKK playing cards scanner system is a kind of poker scanning system that is looking more fashionable than Texas Holdem poker analyzer.
The most advantage of AKK analyzer is that it can be used as the normal mobile phone. You can make phone calls, send messages and take photos.
The TV set has a remote control. The air conditioning also has a remote control. And our dice has a remote control which is called remote control dice. The entire remote control dice devices include remote control dices, remote controller and remote control board. With our remote control dice, it is easy for you to change the point of dice by the remote controller in your hand.
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