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This is the newest poker scanner camera, like as scanning camera in the lighter or in a wallet or in other places, it also need to be used with bar code cards as well.
It is illustrious because of the short time it takes, it can scan the bar code on car within 0.1 second, and it can be turn on or off with a remote controller, so that you can save the usage of the batteries.
Friends who like trying on new high-tech things can have a try on this poker scanner camera, for it will not cost you too much but you can get an enjoyable experience.
Generally speaking, Infrared marked card can be detected by the currency detector.
As you can see, fluorescent marked playing cards are different.
Infrared camera, UV contact lenses and the currency detector all can not read the marks of the playing cards. They only can be seen with our special marked cards reader.
All winners and all great men never want to have big tree to rely on, the only thing they care about is how to make themselves become a big tree, that is why they can be outstanding.
One does not want to win in a poker game, he is not a good poker player, I think you may not be that kind of poker lover.
Sometimes you want to win really but you have no chance. But our poker analyzer software can find the chance for you.
It is a scanning system, which can be installed in cell phones to scan the bar code of cards decks, and then it will sent voice message to you to tell you about the ranks, you can bet according to the message without hesitation.
When you using scanning system, never forget to use bar code cards at the same time.
At some point, the spiritual wealth of life may seem more important than material wealth, people should not be ignored for it.
Spiritual wealth is obtained by many ways, and continue to go through the obstruct is one of the ways, or is one of the most important methods.
Life is beautiful or not is not decided by the amount of material wealth but by spirit wealth.
Magic can be seen as a kind of spirit wealth because it can bring happy and surprising experience for the audience.
How to give a mysterious feeling to the audience is something that magicians pursuing.
For professional ethics, we cannot tell you what the secret is in detail, but if you want to practice magic show, you can pay attention to our contact lenses that can see through the marked cards.
Life is unpredictable, the performance of a period does not prove anything. A man always decently can face his own within, so he understand himself and take to offset his own weaknesses, the final victory must go to him.
However, new model infrared contact lenses can give you a infrared vision on the poker game while your naked eyes can not see it. And it is better than the old one.
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