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Cool Unique Design Marked Poke With Luminous Ink

Marking cards is an art and requires practice. Some people use it for magic tricks and other people, like poker sharks, use it for cheating Texas Holdem. There are many ways to mark cards, but one way beats them all. The following are bad ways to mark cards because they are noticeable and will eventually get you caught; slightly different symbols on the back of the cards, bending corners or wearing down cards, and hidden camera usage. Now what beats all the systems of the past and is the most reliable way to mark your cards?
Luminous ink is a type of invisible ink used on the back of red backed playing cards. Invisible to the normal eye, yet with a red filter lens you will see the markings. This is how magicians and poker sharks have advantages. Luminous ink is a new technology that helps burn markings onto cards, only red filters can see.
So how can anyone use luminous ink to mark cards? Anyone can use luminous ink to mark their own cards of any brand. All you need is the luminous ink kit. The kit will come with the luminous ink, directions, red filter, and a fine tip paint brush to start you off. To start off, use a practice card like the joker card. You would dip the fine tip paint brush into the luminous ink and wipe the side of the container so that the paint brush is not soaking wet with luminous ink. Next you make your markings on the card whether it is a number or a letter or a symbol. Now wait a few seconds and wipe it off the card with a dry-to-damp paper towel or cloth. The longer you wait the darker it will settle into the card.