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Customized Magic Marked Playing Cards

Do you want to have a special marked cards? Do you want to own your dream marked poker cards? Golden Sunshine can customize one for you perfectly.
There are many kinds of marked cards provided by our company, like infrared marked cards, luminous contact lenses marked poker deck of cards, edged barcode marked deck cards. They can be processed from all the brands of playing cards, such as Fournier marked playing cards, Modiano barcode deck of cards, Copag marked cards, Aviator luminous marked cards, BEE juice marked cards, Bicycle marked deck playing cards, Lion juiced deck of cards, KEM infrared marked cards, DAL NEGRO back marked cards, NTP invisible ink marked cards and so on.
Among them, different types marked cards usually need to work with different poker cards devices.
1. Infrared marked cards is made up by special infrared invisible ink, we have IR 1 marked cards, IR 2 marked playing cards, IR 3 marked deck poker cards. They are only can be read by our special infrared marked cards infrared scanner, other devices are hardly to discover its secret. It is very safe and will be a trend in the future.
2. Luminous contact lenses marked poker deck of cards also made up our best invisible ink recipe, there are infrared marked deck and ultraviolet magic marked deck in our company, all of them are in top quality and the markings and easy to read, so you can read them naturally via the special contact lenses or ultimate sunglasses.
3. Edged barcode marked deck cards usually work with scanning camera and scanning system, also, we have all in one poker analyzer system which combines the poker cards scanner and poker calculator function at one app. The invisible barcode is marked with our sophisticated printer machine and skillful technicians and no need to hurt the original cards at all. Only the scanning camera lens can read the barcode signal and transmit it to poker analyzer calculator to analyze the value, quickly you can get the game accurate game result via mini earpiece in secret and high privacy.
All the marked deck cards Golden Sunshine provides are in professional quality and never disappointing any customer, what kinds of marked deck would like? If you have mark some special markings on them, you can send you decks or tell us your requirement, we will customize it as you want.