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CVK 350 Poker Analyzer Cheating Devices For Omaha Poker Games

For many people, they always like black color, while for other people, maybe they love other colors.Now we have white color Samsung mobile phone poker analyzers, this color will be look better than black, as it looks like more noble than black color, though their functions are the same.Since last year there was a poker analyzer which is Samsung Glaxy CVK 350, As for the color, everyone has their favorite color and their lucky color,As for the white color Samsung poker predictors, they have many advantages:
1.White Samsung poker analyzer has a vibrator to connect with it, so that you will know who is winner by feeling the vibrator vibrating. 2.White Samsung poker analyzer has a blue-tooth loop with earpiece, so that you can hear the result by wearing the wireless earpiece, even your Samsung poker analyzer is putting on the position where is far about 10m from your earpiece, you still can hear the result very clearly, as you just wear the Bluetooth loop with you is OK.
3.You can adjust the speed of reporting and also adjust the light and definition of poker analyzer.
4.White Samsung poker analyzers have many poker games, such as Texas holdem, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Omaha 6 cards, Omaha 10 cards, Russian game - Seca, Omaha 5 cards with 2 group community cards and so on.
5.It is white color and look like more beautiful.Secondly, it has a built-in camera inside, so that you can use this samsung poker analyzer to scan side-marks marking playing cards at the same.That means it is a all-in-one, as poker analyzer andcamera in one device.