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Difference Between CVK Poker Analyzer And AKK Poker Analyzer

Poker analyzer can help poker players minimize their chance of losing in poker games by reporting game results to them before dealing cards. Our company has many different types of poker analyzers for sale including CVK poker analyzer, AKK poker analyzer, GPS poker analyzer and so on. This article is mainly about the similarities and differences between CVK poker analyzer and AKK poker analyzer.
The Similarities:
1. They both are all-in-one set.
2. They both are normal smart phones, thus can be used to make contact with others.
3. They both can work for Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat and man other poker games.
The Differences:
1. CVK poker analyzer reports game results more quickly than AKK one.
2. CVK poker analyzer has higher recognition rate than AKK one, capable of reporting game results with more stability and higher accuracy.
3. Camera lens of any frequency point can be fixes inside the CVK poker analyzer, while AKK poker analyzer can only be equipped with a camera lens of fixed frequency point.
Choices for You:
For CVK poker analyzer, we have CVK 400 and CVK 350, and for AKK poker analyzer, we have AKK K30 and AKK K20.