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Do You Know Card Marking

We know that marked playing cards are for poker cheating games. And card marking is used to make these marking playing cards. No matter you use barcode marked playing cards or the back marked playing cards, card marking is really important for poker players.
Card marking is used widely for marked playing cards. and it is often used to cheat poker gambling games in casino or other kinds of private parties, regardless of who shuffles and deals poker cards. About the card marking for back marked playing cards, we suggest you to choose the big fronts. That is easy for you to see them on the back if you wear a pair of infrared contact lenses. No matter the back is red or blue, we can mark them with good quality invisible ink. And at the same time, you can make the card marking by yourself. It is very easy and will not be found the secret at all. If you have special requirement of card marking, we can custom for you. And the card marking can be marked on the back of any kinds of poker cards.
If you want to know more about the card marking, welcome to contact us. What is more, our company sells different kinds of marked playing cards that you could buy from can be cheated at many kinds of poker games.