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Dynamic Camera For Omaha Analyzer System

Lucky Star dynamic camera is our newly-developed camera for poker analyzer system. This camera is fixed with a 15 million HD wide-angle lens, whose scanning range reaches 35cm from up to down and 31cm from left to right. Within this rang, it can read barcode marked cards at any angle and report the poker result without any delay. It can read barcode marked cards not only when they are being put on the gambling table but also when the they are being held over the table. With dynamic snapshot technology involved, the camera is capable of capturing images at 120 frames per second.
The Lucky Star dynamic camera has the AES smart light-compensating system, which can automatically enhance luminance in dim light and reduce luminance in bright light. There is no need for you to worry that light problem may impact its effect. Besides, the camera has the advantage of low power consumption, so it can keep working for many hours. Its power bank is newly-upgraded, which has resolved all the problems that the power banks of last generation have. Coated with aluminium alloy, the power bank looks much more exquisite, capable of working for more than 5 hours.
This dynamic camera can meet all the requirements that customers may have for a cheating camera. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us!