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Cuff for exchanging cards

Exchanging Cards Cuff

 A small flat machine can be installed in the cuff and sleeve. During the game, you can hide the card that you want in the cuff before and later you can exchange the hidden card with the card in your hand. The exchanging process can be completed in one second and no one on the table will notice that.

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Name: Jemi2018-11-21 17:48:41IP67.193.21.10
Content: How to mark cards while playing poker? Can I use infrared contact lenses to see the marked cards?
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of infrared contact lenses. We will reply you by email. Best regards.
Name: Chandra2018-11-17 11:31:28IP107.242.117.12
Content: I need to buy one for brown eye
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of contact lenses marked cards. We will reply you by email. Best regards.
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