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Fourine marked poker cards

All of us have played poker cards. But are you tired of playing the ordinary poker cards? Why not try the special poker cards with invisible ink? It will give you fun, tell you secret and bring you fortune.

Fournier 2800 marked playing cards look like to the common cards, but the difference is the mark on the back of cards written by an invisible ink pen. How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen? There are two ways to process the Fournier 2800 poker cards: marked 4small fonts and suits in four corners, or big font and suit in the middle of the back on the red cards, marked big font and suit in the middle back of the blue cards. We can also design the marks for your special order, customized mark as you like.

Fournier marked poker cards also can work with marked cards contact lenses which can see through the playing cards. If you have poker winner predictor, we can make the cards as barcode cards, to be used by poker analyzer. Therefore, using our Fourine 2800 marked cards and contact lenses in the poker games will add you more fun.