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Gambling Laser Plastic Poker With Glasses

Laser plastic marked cards are 100% originally produced in the India.  No matter what kind of material and brand of cards, we can give you best choice on marking styles.
Sometimes, we hear some clients saying that marking cards is easy, in fact, not really, it is not just invisible ink, ink pen or other convenient way. Please look, the process is complicated and cumbersome. Firstly, we need to select high quality invisible ink. Secondly, the professionals have to modulate the concentration of invisible ink according to the properties and characteristics of different cards. Finally, printing the cards with invisible ink through a series of specific professional magic processing steps by machine.
In addition to the above-mentioned, we also pay attention to the packaging and quality, in order to let the cards keep original appearance.
What is more, marked cards looks like normal cards after marked. So do not worry about the looking. Other person can not find the difference, and also ca not see the invisible marking without our special contact lenses or perspective glasses.
Poker players who wear invisible contact lenses can see invisible marking on the backside of the marked cards and can see the number and suit both. That is to say, the players can know the cards of opponents and predict the result of all poker games. When we play poker games, it is very useful to know what cards your enemies have by their hand. learning more information: www.cards999