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GS 200 Chip Tray Scanning Poker Predictor

Chip holder is very common and necessary article in the playing cards game, when playing Texas Holdem poker cards games, 200 chip tray which usually for 4mm poker chips is a good choice, and the 200 chip holder we provide can as a Texas Holdem deck cards game predictor to help you know the outcome in advance.
Our skillful technicians install a micro scanning camera lens into the side of the 200 chip tray with high privacy, and the color of the poker spy card reader can various as the color of the chip tray. The processed chip holder is look as normal as the original one, so it is no necessary to worry about other will suspicious any problem. This chip tray poker card reader device usually works with barcode scanning marked playing poker cards and invisible mini earpiece.
Once the marked barcode deck cards are playing into the scanning scope of the chip tray poker cheating card reader, the device will read the barcode marked-cards automatically with 0.1s and transmit the barcode signal as a poker analyzer to users via wireless unobservable earpiece, finally, users can received the game outcome in secret and clear within 0.5s. The scanning range can be various as different required, for dealer, the distance can as 8-15cm, 10-25cm,20-40cm. For marked deck of cards players, range better as 30-50cm, 40-60cm, 50-70cm, 60-80cm, and also 70-90cm (all of the scanning scope just for reference). We also can customize accurate scanning range according to different customers demand.
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