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GS One-to-One Luminous Marked Dominos

Usually, Domino is made up by wood, tiles or plastic. Domino is a very special entertainment devices for many people around the world, people have comprehended lots of philosophical significance from Domino products and Domino games, hence the Domino games also stands for cultural in some region in a certain degree. What is more, in a lot of professional competitions, Domino games is indispensable.
However, just as we know, Domino look like Majong in some way. People cannot see through the Domino to know the points from the same backs of each deck by their normal eyes. Now, there are some magic devices can help to read them. The luminous Dominos provided by Golden Sunshine are processed with high technology and reliable luminous invisible ink recipe to make invisible marks on the back of the Dominos. The marks are invisible under natural light and unobservable in people normal eyes. Only with the ultra infrared sunglasses or luminous contact lenses can help users to penatrate the points under any occassions as well as all kinds of lights.
Besides, the quality luminous marked Dominos GS provided are one-to-one type, that means only the users can read the luminous invisible ink marks on the backside of Domino cards while others can not do that even if they also wearing ultimate IR contact lenses or using other lights testing devices.