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How Data Cable Scanning Camera to Read Marked Cards

Cell Phone plays an important role as communication media in our daily life, so it is need to keep its electric quantity to work, for this point, power bank is the favored choice for most of people, and data cable is the necessary device to connect the charger and mobile phone. So it is good selection to process the data cable as a marked cards scanning camera.
Our professional installed a barcode marked playing cards mini scanning camera lens inside the small data cable in high privacy, so no one will notice that it is a magic marked poker cards reader. Once the barcode machine-readable marked deck of cards are placed within the scanning distance of this secret data cable poker spy cards reader, it will read the invisible ink marked poker cards automatically, the transmit the signal image to the poker analyzer system to analyze, via wireless mini Bluetooth earpiece which put in your ear in advance, you can receive the poker cards outcome as well as all the information of the whole game. It is very practical and convenient to operate and suitable for all kinds of poker analyzers, it also can charger up them like a normal data cable.
The data cable poker cards scanner has various scanning scope to meet different users needs, if you want to has more longer scanning range one, you just need to send your require to us and we will customize a perfect one for you.