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How To Control The Dices

One of the most subtle methods of cheating at craps may be debated as a cheat. Some will argue that its about skill with dice, however, controlling the dice by how they are thrown is still seen as a form of cheating at craps. A shooter’s grip of the dice, toss and outcome are supposed to be fast, random and rather spontaneous.
That’s what throwing dice is about. Yet, everyone who has rolled dice more than once realizes that the way you hold the dice, the flick of your wrist and the arc of a toss or fall can all change the way the dice may land.
In craps, dice must be thrown or rolled with some degree of force. They cannot legally be pushed, “trickled” or slid across the table by the shooter. In this case, players who are controlling the dice throw to influence its outcome utilize a series of grips, such as different fingers placed on each die, knuckle grips or holding the dice tightly together before throwing so they don’t bounce off each other so irregularly.
Remote control dice throw may also involve trying to place the dice in a particular arrangement with certain numbers facing up or down before a roll. A player positioning himself in a particular “stance” may also be looking to influence the dice with controlled throwing.