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How to mark cards

How to mark cards while playing poker? Amazing Card Trick Here!
At first, you need to buy luminous ink pen, the marked cards kit.
In addition, you also need to prepare the poker playing cards, normally we will use bicycle playing cards marked deck.
How to make a marked deck of cards?
The cards cheat can mark cards in a variety of ways.
The most common way of marking magic marked cards is by putting a nail mark into the card by squeezing the card between the thumb and forefinger.
Other methods include crimping the corners, grease marks, dirt marks, etc.

luminous ink pen
If you play a lot of live poker then you will probably have been involved in a game where cards have been marked.
It doesn't always mean that someone has attempted to cheat, as even the best playing cards can get marked naturally, to be marked playing cards. Keep a close eye on the cards and if you spot a marked card deck then immediately request a new deck.
If you're not completely happy then leave the game.
To diminish the influence of poker marked cards you should always use ‘burn cards' when you play poker.
The great advantage is that the cheat would not know what the next card is from the deck. That is our main topic: How to mark cards while playing poker!
I would also suggest that the deck is kept square on the table and not spread out as some people prefer.
If the deck is spread, even slightly, then the corners of the cards are exposed and it gives the card cheat an opportunity to see where the marked cards are.
Some players also have a habit of discarding the burn card before the betting round has finished.
If you see people doing this then politely tell them not to do it. It's bad form!

best way mark cards
With a prepared deck the card cheat would ensure his victim has a very good hand, just not quite as well as his.
Little skill (magic tricks) is required in this method of cheating as the deck could have been prearranged hours before the game.
Some poker players also want to know how to mark cards in a casino. To be honest, this is too dangerous! There are several reasons:
1. Some players are not familiar with this marking cards skill, cannot do it well.
2. Some players don't have a good mentation, maybe will be obvious while playing poker.
3. Some players don't have the marked cards reader, infrared contact lenses to see.
However, if you don't want to mark cards by yourself, you can also buy them online from us. We are the best marked cards factory.
We are selling invisible ink marked poker cards such as plastic poker cards (Copag invisible ink marked cards, Modiano marked playing cards, Fournier marked deck, Kem cards, Dal Negro cards, Beta playing cards, NTP Poker) and paper poker cards (Bee cards, Bicycle cards, Russian cards, Italy regional cards, Spanish Fournier cards), any brand of cards which is marked by us with printer can not be detected by human eyes, only with our special contact lenses, you can read the secret information on the back of the cards.
My friend, do you know how to mark cards while playing poker now?

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