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Infrared Camera Cards

There is a common phenomenon that some marked playing cards can be detected by contact lenses and poker scanning camera at the same time. That would cause a consequence other people also can know the number and suit of each card if they wear the contact lenses or use ordinary poker scanning camera. Thus, many people desire for a deck of playing marked card which can be detected by only one poker cheating device. Does this kind of marked playing card really exist? Yes, it does and it calls infrared camera cards.
Infrared camera cards refer to a deck of cards that have been processed by special luminous invisible ink on its back. The numbers and suits can be marked on the centre or on the four corners. Besides, it can play in various kinds of poker games like Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat and so forth. Unlike the ordinary marked playing cards, the infrared camera cards are nearly impossible to be detected under the sun. Although other people wear the contact lenses and use ordinary poker scanning camera, they also cannot see the marks on the back of infrared camera cards. Invisible to human naked eyes, contact lenses and ordinary poker scanning camera, but to infrared camera, is the biggest advantage of infrared camera cards.
However, where to buy the infrared camera cards is extremely important question because only infrared camera cards possess the above merits. And I highly recommend you our company in that our company has manufactured the infrared camera cards for a long time, its quality can be ensured and we sell the infrared camera cards at a fair price. What’s more, infrared camera cards are not available in all poker cheating devices companies. Among these companies, our company can provide the high quality infrared camera cards. Therefore, buying the infrared camera cards in our company is an optimal choice for poker lovers.
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