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Infrared Laser Marked Cards and Poker Scanner Camera System

As to marked cards, infrared is a very important word, we can hear infrared ink, infrared contact lenses, infrared camera, or infrared marked playing cards for many times.
Infrared spectrum is usually divided into three areas: near-infrared (0.75 ~ 2.5μm), mid-infrared (2.5 ~ 25μm) and far-infrared (25 ~ 300μm). The so-called infrared spectrum refers to the mid-infrared spectrum.
Some poker enthusiasts are familiar with luminous ink playing cards, poker contact lenses and poker scanner camera, because they will also call them infrared ink marked cards. In fact, for luminous ink contact lenses and marked playing cards with glasses, they are not in the range of infrared ink, but in the range of ultraviolet ink. The real meaning of infrared marked cards, need to work with the infrared camera lens, the marked cards ( luminous ink) need to be seen by auxiliary medium (infrared camera), not by human eyes (infrared contact lenses poker or luminous reader infrared glasses), because it is invisible light. The cards that we called barcode marked cards, they use the luminous infrared ink to marked the cards in the sides, the invisible card marking ink, to let it as a barcode. These marking cards with luminous ink kit can be read by poker scanner camera, which plays an important role in Texas and Omaha scanning system.
However, almost all of the poker players are looking for the new products, the new cards scanning camera, the new poker phone analyzer, the new marked cards poker. With the development of science and technology, human civilization has taken a big step forward, magic marked deck of cards system should make a big change, too. Everybody will think it like this. Yes, now we have the new infrared excitation system, that work as playing cards scanner system to know winning hands.
Infrared excitation ink, in simple terms, it is not the same as before, the new poker analysis software. In other words, it cannot be checked by other poker cards tricks system, no matter AKK poker analyzer system, Omaha scanner system, CVK poker winner predictor, or the normal poker cheating device, all cannot be worked with the new scanning system, which is called infrared laser marked cards and poker scanner camera system. How to see invisible ink without a backlight? Here infrared laser marked playing cards and poker card scanner camera can tell you.
The new infrared laser marked cards, we use a new kinds of cards marking ink (invisible ink recipe), different from the previous luminous ink kit, so the marked deck only can be read by the infrared laser scanner camera. What's more, the poker analyzer system also cannot read the barcode cards directly, it will show black on the scanner of phone analyzer device.
Do this new system cheer you up? It is the real meaning new products, cannot be checked by the previous scanning system, essentially speaking, they are different poker products.
Infrared laser scanner system, although it is the beginning of the day, however, we are convinced that with the continuous study by our GS marked cards manufacturer, it will surely provide us with many wonderful poker analyzer cheat techniques and invisible ink marked cards that can be expected and even unexpected.

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