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Infrared UV Copag Sunglasses

You will not find a better quality pair of Infrared UV glasses than this pair right here. I had to make a specific product page just for this pair of glasses. I will be honest, these glasses will make the markings on the card stand out. You can see the markings from all the way across a 12 x 12 room and the markings are clear as day! The other sunglasses I offer have the red filter applied onto a normal pair of sunglasses. Over time, there is peeling, bubbling, and the visibility is more challenging (closer range). This is the top highest quality sunglasses on the market. I am proud to offer them at the lowest rate online! There isn't a better deal out there!!!
These Copag sunglasses are made with a great strong frame. The lenses themselves are created with the Infrared UV vision built right in. There isn't a sticker filter! The outside of the sunglasses are disguised with a normal mirror tint. Green, blue, glassy, etc. They look completely normal!  What's more, both of the UV sunglasses and infrared contact lenses used to read the marks on the back of invisible ink marked cards, while you can see nothing with your naked eyes!