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Invisible Ink Contact Lenses Poker Reader

Infrared contact lenses can be used as other poker reader to read invisible ink playing cards. Nature Light High Grade contact lenses are good choice for invisible playing cards, marked rummy and marked mahjong. When the user wear them to see invisible marked cards or anything else, it shows the normal color of itself. Besides, it’s very good in seeing invisible cards, perfectly clear.
The pupil dot diameter of this infrared contact lenses is 11 mm, so it will not change the user's pupil color and performs perfectly to see the marking on the backside of cards. Some tips about the invisible ink contact lenses as followed:
1. The best suitable situation is under the white light, especially the energy-saving light.
2. Please make sure to wash your hands before wear the contact lenses in case of infecting your eyes.
3. Before playing the poker games with contact lenses, it is better wear the glasses about several hours
for adapting.
4. It’s better to wear them less than 8 hours per days.
5. Thr best way to save them is keeping them in contact lenses solution.