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Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Invisible ink contact lenses, it is a kind of poker playing cards contact lenses which are specially designed for reading marked cards, it is a reader kit. To some extent, invisible ink contact lenses are equal to luminous ink contact lenses.

Have you ever used the invisible ink contact lenses to see the marking playing cards? Do you want to know how to use the ultraviolet contact lenses for poker? Here we have several kinds of invisible ink contact lenses for sale which are suitable for different customers' need.

These invisible ink contact lenses will not change your eyes' original color, but your eyes' color will be a little bit darker than before. Anyway, with these invisible contact lenses for marked deck, you can see the marks very clearly. Advanced version contact lenses poker are the best choice for people with brown and black eyes.

According to different customers' prefer, customers can chose the perspective invisible ink contact lenses which can see the marks much more clearly than the surrounding environment. We also have another kind of luminous ink contact lenses which can see the surrounding environment clearly, but may see marked poker cards not as clearly as the brown eyes poker contact lenses that we mentioned before. The price is cheap.

Professional contact lenses are suitable for some professional poker players who are worried very much about to change their eyes’ color a little bit. Since this kind of infrared marked cards contact lenses only cover the pupil of people’ s eyes, with this perspective contact lenses that can see invisible ink for brown eyes, people can see the ink very clearly. By adopting the newest high technology, these omnipotent contact lenses avoid the traditional problem of pupil auto focus under different light. Of course, the price for these special invisible ink contact lenses is higher than the normal brown eyes’ spy invisible playing cards contact lenses. However, If you do not care about changing the color of your eyes, you can use the contact lenses specially for brown and black eyes. Anyway, with these contact lenses, you can also see the marks very clearly.

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