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Iphone 6 Marked Playing Cards Reader

Nowadays, Iphone 6 is a kind of popular cell phone and bring many advantage to users. But the Iphone 6 also can help you to read the marked poker cards. Do you know how it spot the marked plying cards?
We insert a program into the Iphone 6 marked playing cards scanning camera, it is so small and hide that it is very difficult be discovered by other people. The Iphone 6 juice marked cards scanning lens will read the cards which dealt by dealer within their scanning range automatically, you can know the points and suits by this marked cards kit just as you look at the faceside of the cards. Cooperated with the mini earpiece, you can know each card one by one secretly and cleraly. The helpful magic marked deck can be used in many kinds of poker cards game, such as Texas Holdem, Blackjack, Omaha. All the game just controlled by your fingers.
What is more, we also can provide many sorts of scanning lens, like water bottle spying camera, wallet scanner reader, button scanning system, USB cable camera, cigarette box spy reader and different brands cell phone scan poker lens. All of them are reliable and received widely prasied by our customers.