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Iphone 7 Power Bank Camera Lens with scanning system

The camera lens for poker analyzer system can be fixed in many items in our daily life like a mobile phone, a car key, a lighter or a TV to read the barcode marked cards without any suspect from other players. In this paper, I will share our latest Iphone 7 power bank to help you finish poker cheat smoothly.
There is no doubt that a camera lens has been hidden inside the Iphone 7 power bank. With good concealment and mini size, the camera will not be noticed by others at all. In addition, disguised as a common item in our life, the Iphone 7 power bank camera will be secret for reading the barcode marked cards in a concealable and smooth manner. Reading the cards speedily and accurately, it will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer to decode the bar codes of marked cards at a high speed. Even in a dark light, the cards can be read by this camera clearly at any angle. In addition, it is HD camera. Further more, your Iphone 7 power bank can be processed by us and we will make perfectly in line with your needs. You can customize the scanning distance you need at games.
The Iphone 7 power bank camera is an ideal poker reader at poker analyzer system cheating. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in it!