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It's never too old to learn poker tricks

There is a saying goes “no one is so old that he may not learn”, this sentence always encourage me to learn without relax.

Learning is one of the most important things in one\'s life, especially for children being educated in schools. They learn many subjects, they have to know as much knowledge as possible, which can help them know better about the outside world and develop themselves for their future career.

Although I have been studying for many years, and have learned a lot already, but the world keeps changing unceasingly. There is always something new for us to learn.

Once I got together with my friends and played poker games with my friends, I found that they could play poker very well. But I never regret once I came across marked poker. Because of the help of marked cards and contact lenses, I made great progress in playing poker games. I believed that we should use some tricks to make progress.

Thus, we must be aware that we should insist to learning throughout our lives. Constant learning can make people become more learned and experienced so that we can suit the changing world better. In short, the proverb \'it is never too old to learn.\' is true of everyone.

Let us start and keep learning.


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