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Marking Playing Cards By Invisible Ink Pen

With the development of poker cheating industry, more and more players tend to mark the playing cards with invisible ink by themselves, especially the green hand in the poker game. but is it possible to mark the poker playing cards by pen? actually there is juice ink can be marked by pen,but it is not invisible, some magician remember the cards by marking some secret and hidden pattern on the backside, that means the cards original pattern was changed, but it is hardly to be found if you don't check the cards carefully, also after a half of hour,that juice ink will disappear.
Let's come back to our uv marked cards discussion, all the backside marked cards in GS company are marked with luminous invisible ink, but not by hand with the pen.If you want to mark playing cards with good quality and invisibility, you must euqip one professional print machine, a expert and professional engineer is also neccessary, because he needs to design the marked pattern in the computer and handle the thickness of invisible ink, so that we can get the marked cards with high quality. all in all, the process of marking the playing cards is very complex, if all the players can mark the playing cards by pen easily, there is no loser in the poker game any more, and also we don't need to pay much money to buy such high-tech printed machine to mark the cards, so stop making the day dream of marking cards by pen.
By the way, all the marking plaing cards signed with luminous invisible ink by our professional printer can be customized according your special requirement. If you are interesting in our products or want to know more details of them please feel free to contact me at any time.