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Never say no before you try to do it

In our society today, many people experience a little bit of frustration and began to complain and said he is unable to do that,or the time and chance was not right . But if you have not even tried, do you have any qualifications to say you can not?

The future is usually not smooth, but since you have chosen, you should go forward no matter it is rainning or sunny. Rather than the timid, little setbacks will stop you.

Some poker players want to play poker as a career, but they can not be so brave to quit their current job and devote to the poker game.Or some players remained at the low level of  game, never dare to join in the high-stake table.

If you still want to enjoy the poker game,you need to set a goal and keep to learning to improve your poker skills.May be the far infared camera can help you,it can help you read the marked playing cards,but you can not only rely on that.

After the effort, after the fall, if you failed to succeed, it is still justifiable. But even if you do not strive to have tried to give up, then your failure is "deserve"! As long as you want in the distance is not a fairy tale, then everything is possible. It is important to see you willing to work hard to try!