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Newest HD Leather Poker Scanning Camera

In addition to the leather belt camera intended to scan marked Mahjong tiles, the leather belt camera intended to scan marked playing cards -- CVK730T leather belt dynamic camera also offered here.
Thisleather belt poker scanner adopt newest design skill-- super-thin belt with a golden buckle, neat and fashionable. The dynamic camera fixed inside the buckle is completely concealable and nobody can find out its existence. Its scanning distance has reached up to 70, even to  105cm, making the camera applicable to the poker games played on big gambling tables. Its scanning height is 25cm and its scanning width is 30cm. With this range, the camera can scan marked playing cards with fast speed, high accuracy and strong stability. This dynamic camera can work with different types of poker analyzers like CVK 500, AKK K4, PK King S708, which all are available from our company.
Leather belt camera is only one of many poker scanning camera! You will find the power bank poker scanner, insulation Cup table scanning camera, wallet camera for poker analyzer. By the way, different types camera has different scanning scope, but all the projects can be coustomized.