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Plastic Barcode Marked Cards For Poker Analyzer

As the demand increases, the paper cards are not enough to meet player’s need. Therefore, the plastic cards have come out. The plastic side marked card is not only a kind of poker card, but an additional cheating card for the poker analyzer. We can offer you the special quality plastic side marked cards for you. They feature with the following points.
1. The barcodes on the plastic side marked cards are really invisible for naked eyes. Only the camera lens can read them.
2. They are made with 100% plastic but a paper-like feeling so that you will feel comfortable with their good hand feel.
3. With the endurable and washable characteristics, they have higher quality and long using lifetime.
4. The clear codes of side marked cards are convenient for the camera and the poker analyzer to finish the cheating smoothly.
We have many plastic side marked cards for your reference such as Fournier plastic marked cards, KEM plastic marked cards, Bicycle plastic marked cards, and so on. I believe you will have a crush on those plastic side marked cards once you use them. Even the professional poker players are unable to stand against the Plastic side marked cards. If you interest them, just contact us.