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Shirt Marking Playing Cards Device

Our new innovation New Shirt Playing Cards Devices is the solution for the lovers of playing card games. This device is suitable with
every card games. New Shirt Playing Card Device is a new product which in combination with short-sleeves shirt and mini hidden camera works brilliant. The Mini Hidden Camera within the sleeves has an poker Analyzer system which is kept in front of the edge marked cards and it will automatically scan all the cards within seconds. Additional, it will send you the suit and number of each card on the analyzer. Therefore, before the start of the game you will hear the value of each card through earphones. People can play New Playing Cards Shirt Device in a room where there is no light. As its HD quality lens works in a dark room also. You can buy this product from us at lowest price all over India.More details about this product are as followed:
1.Product is made with latest Technology which fulfills all customer needs.
2.Device is very compatible and handy so that you can carry it anywhere.
3.This device has pre -installed Hidden camera built inside and Analyser.
4.It is user friendly and User doesn’t require setting it again and again.
5.This device scans all the playing cards instantly and reports to the player without notifying others.