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scanning system

Texas holdem and Omaha scanning system

The newest 2017 scanning system(marked cards poker analyzer) is our quite private products for VIP customers from Golden Sunshine.

To offer the best quality products and convenience to our loyal customers is our permenate aim.

The newest 2015 poker analyzer can predict the winner of Texas Holdem game and Omaha game or even any games at any time you prefer, such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Seka and so on poker games.

Just enter the game easily, you can switch the program from Texas holdem to Omaha in 0.1 seconds.

CVK poker analyzer is good at image processing. It used the imported HD photographic chip to get the clear barcode images, to solve the problem of getting wrong results that happen by other similar poker scanner system fundamentally.

The scanning distance of built-in camera can last 26 cm, and the scanning range is also larger than other poker winner predictor system, 24 cm.

Low power consumption, low temperature, the product can work continuously for more than 3

Hours and do not crash, the temperature is below 15 degrees.

Only this newest Samsung poker winner predictor scanner can read 2 decks of cards at this moment, it has the following functions:

1, predict the best hand

2, predict the best hand + best second hand

3, predict the best hand + best second hand + flop (3 cards) + turn (1 card) + river (1 card)

4, tell you 52 (104) cards from top to bottom or bottom to top with suits and without suits

5, Predict each players’ cards + flop (3 cards) + turn (1 card) + river (1 card)

According to customers’ special requirements, some programs can be customized.

All the customers who purchased the scanning system from Golden Sunshine, their products gain lifetime free maintenance.

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