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The poker games and online poker games are full of our life

Nowadays, no matter where we go, we all can see the poker games. No matter actually poker games or online poker games, they all full of our life, and become a part of our life, so they have some different influence on us.
There are lots of people who change their life by playing poker. we have heard too many legendaries of professional poker players. Some of those legendaries are about how they live a luxury life or come true their dream by playing poker, they all have high skill in playing poker games, and most of their time on poker they are winning money, and they have very strong self-discipline and patience in poker, so they can control well themselves and poker games. They are the successful players in poker, while there is success, there is failure. There also exist some poker players who are failure in poker, even because of playing poker, they are bankrupt, and have no money to keep their daily life. The more seriously is that even if they have no money to continue to play poker games, they also can come up with many ideas to raise money, they even can to steal or to lend money, all this are not good for them, have bad influence on themselves.
However, I think the poker has no harm to human, while the really full of harmfulness are people’s desire and avarice, the tragedies usually are cause by all kinds of desires and avarices from human.