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Two Kinds of Marked Poker Cards of Golden Sunshine

Have you ever played marked poker cards? There are two kinds of reliable marked playing cards, invisible ink marked playing cards and barcode marked playing cards, could be provided by our company, they receive approval from our customers on their reliable quality and duration.
Invisible marked playing cards
Our best quality invisible magic marked decks are making from the refined invisible ink recipe and quality branded regular playing cards, like Modiano, Copag, BEE, KEM, Fournier and so on. Our experienced technician can mark the super invisible ink on the back or four back corners by playing card printer skillfully, the marked invisible ink playing card looks like the regular one and no one can see any different from this surface by naked eyes. Only if wearing our luminous infrared contact lenses or infrared sunglasses can you see the marks(usually show the points and suits of the cards) on juice marked cards clearly.
Invisible barcode playing cards
Usually, the barcode will be printed by our precision poker printer on the four sides of the regular cards, it is also invisible and will not hurt the regular cards that it is very safe to play. The barcode marked playing card works with scanning reader and scanning analyzer and small earphone. We have watch camera, button camera, wallet camera, readers marked cards dealing shoes camera and so on, they can scan the barcode by itself if the barcode marked cards be dealt within it detecting range and the analyzer will analyze the barcode information to get the exact game result, finally tell the result to you by small earphone clearly and secretly.
The refined juice playing cards provided by our company never disappoint any customer.