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Ultimate Magic Invisible Ink Marked Deck

Cards are used to manipulate ones mind in believing that the magician can actually use magic. Magicians use such techniques as marking cards with a red pen, bending corners, or slightly wearing down cards. The newest method in the industry is the use of luminous ink. The past methods are methods that can be busted. Luminous ink is invisible and can not be detected without a special red filter.
The Luminous Ink method is sweeping the magic trick industry becoming a primary card trick for most great magicians. Luminous ink is the best out of the magic card trick methods because it is flawless to the naked eye. The cards will appear stock without a flaw, while the markings are waiting to be read with red filtered sunglasses or contacts.
Other methods of marking cards show clear evidence of the card being tampered with. Anyone who looks close enough will find the markings and will bust out the magician. Marking cards was extremely easy, but the market grew to big and secrets were revealed as well as the techniques. Marking cards were as simple as taking a red pen and marking the back of a red backed card deck. Using the bicycle brand of cards you could have easily covered up a different flower pedal for each number and a combination of two for face cards, but after years and years of the same method used by hundreds and thousands of magicians, the secret was revealed and people become aware of this method. Even poker players now check the cards and flaws on the back of the deck of cards being used.