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Unique Baccarat Cards Dealing And Shuffler Machine

A common casino transparent poker shoe can be processed into “remote control second deal poker shoe" which can enable you to see what the card-to-be-dealt is from a certain angle. So how it work?
The one who uses such a poker shoe for Baccarat cheat and performs the cheating acts has to be the poker dealer! While dealing cards, if the card-to-be-dealt is what you want, you can just deal it. But if not, you can hide it and then deal the next card with the help of remote control. You can use any kind of regular card decks to play the Baccarat poker, no need for marked decks. 
The difference between the processed poker shoe and its original one can not be easily discovered even if you check it carefully.
This hand control second deal poker shoe with Baccarat poker analyzer, which all can be used to help you play at Baccarat poker games smoothly.
Our this Baccarat cheating poker shoe called “hand control second deal poker shoe” can be used in many different poker games occasions or house games, like private poker party, poker match, magic show, and so on. If you are interested in it, don't be hesitate to contact with us!