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Upgraded Automatic Tracking Lucky Star Poker Camera

In summer, T-shirt is a kind of trend. And many designers like designing many kinds of T-shirts. It is a chance for player to use T-shirt button to win poker cheat in the casino. Even if you move poker cards, the T-shirt button camera can scan barcode marked cards well.
This is a real button which can provide you to be used on your shirt or Jacket or coat, this is a common object, while more common objects, it is hard to discover or realize them, they will be more convenient to be used, as it is a button with double camera on the chest to scan marked cards for poker analyzers. The poker mini camera hidden inside the shirt button can be useful for poker gamble cheating. With its good concealment, it will perfectly work with the poker analyzer to complete the poker cheat. It can scan side marked speedily and accurately at any angle . It is a high-definition camera, capable of reading marked cards clearly even in a dark light. With HD camera lens, it can scan barcode marked cards clearly.
The scanning distance of the shirt button camera is 35-60cm, which is the best distance for the dealer. It supports all kinds of poker analyzers in the world. And the battery of this camera can last for 2-3 hours and it is chargeable.
This model was designed for experienced player who seek for better report and faster analysis . We supplied to market in 2019 , player loves it as their new function of vibrator system , bluetooth system , time mode , 0.3 second analysis and 0 wrong report .
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