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What Options AKK A1 Poker Analyzer Have

We all know, as a poker analyzer system, AKK A1 poker analyzer with many functions to scanning barcode marked cards. So how to operate it for marked cards may be a question, here are some tips as followed:

1. To sign in the game interface, you need to the enter password on dial key board: star1368star. As you can see, there is a purchase information option. Click it, then you can choose to see what game you have purchased. You can buy three games to play.
click the poker option, then many game options will be shown for us to choose.,such as ........Here we choose the Texas Holdem poker, and then choose the 7-card Texas poker ( 7003 ) we have purchased
2. This page is about the game settings that you can set before the game starts. Now let’s see what they are one by one.
The load setup of the phone is Load manufacture default
3. In the color selection, there is the 001 best hand option only for Texas Holdem poker.
4.With the number of people option, you can choose how many players to play the game,and you can also use the contol remote to control the volume.
With the deal player option, you can choose to deal the card from top to button or from bottom to top.
5. Here is the report type option, choosing the N1, it will report card one by one, and choosing the N2, it can report card two by two.
And here is the report method option, you can choose the single result or multiple results.
6. There are three choices in the output setting: voice, vibrator (p4), voice and vibrator. If you choose the voice, you can hear the poker results through the speaker mode, the headset mode or the pair headset mode.
7. In the video selection, you can choose to use an external camera, a wireless camera or its local camera to scan marked cards for the analysis of the poker results.
8. The remote function option is for setting the remote control.
9. In the N14 option, there are the rules for dealing cards in Texas poker.
Two cards, known as the hole cards, are dealt face down to each player, and then five community cards are dealt face up in three stages.
The first stage is to deal a series of three community cards,
The second stage is to remove one single card and then deal one community card,
The last stage is to remove another single card and then deal the final community card.