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Wide dynamic poker scanner camera

Wide dynamic poker scanner camera

No doubt, all of us are familiar with cameras, no matter video camera, digital camera, security camera, and so on. However, not all of the people know poker scanner camera, even this new wide dynamic scanner camera. For many poker players, they know about the normal barcode reader camera, the normal poker card scanner system and phone analyzer, they can use barcode marked cards to get the outcome ( the best winning hands).
As the proverb goes, every coin has its two sides. The normal playing cards canning system need to work with the Dealer or you need to place the poker winner predictor in the same position every time, to make sure that it can work and get the better effect.
Normally speaking, how far and how wide the camera can look is determined by the camera shot, and the effective range of all cameras varies depending on the size of the infrared camera lenses.
The wide dynamic scanner camera technology is a technique that allows the camera to see the characteristics of the image (invisible ink marked cards) under very strong contrast. In some situations where the contrast between light and shade is too large, the images taken tend to have a situation where the background is too bright or the foreground is too dark. When a high-luminance area illuminated by a strong light source (daylight, lamps, reflections, etc.) and an area with a relatively low relative brightness such as shadow and backlight are simultaneously present in the image, the image quality (barcode marked poker cards quality) output by the camera (poker card scanning camera) may be seriously affected.
At this time, you cannot see the barcode marked cards well, to be precise, your poker playing cards scanner camera cannot read the barcode of marked playing cards well. The scanner camera cannot transmit the signal to the poker cards analyzer device (AKK poker analyzer system, CVK poker card reader, PK poker winner predictor), which causes that the phone analyzer cannot predict the outcome and then you cannot know the winners.
In response to this situation, wide dynamic technology came into being and solved this problem better. We also call it wide or big scanning range poker camera.
Wide dynamics actually means that the camera can also see the ratio of the illumination of the brightest and darkest parts of the image.
The dynamic range broadly refers to the range of possible changes in a changeable object, that is, the region between the lowest end of the change value and the highest end of the pole. The dynamic range of the poker scanning camera refers to the ability of the infrared camera lenses to adapt to the reflection of the light in the shooting scene, specifically the range of brightness contrast and color temperature contrast. That is, the range of the camera's most “dark” and “brightest” adjustment of the image is the ratio of the brightest tone to the darkest tone in the static image or video frame.
The new poker table cameras (wide dynamic scanner camera) that also work different poker analyzer system, to play Texas Holdem and Omaha card games. As we all know, the newer, the better. If you can use the new poker analyzer device, some people also call it poker hand analyzer, then you can get the perfect effect.
To choose the best poker card scanner camera and our newest poker phone analyzer, to choose the win-win cooperation.

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