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  • Wireless Induction Magical Dice2017-05-03
  • Our induction dice have been fixed with a microchip inside, which can send wireless signals to the vibrator, an indispensable accessory to the induction dice.
  • Playing Cards Marked By Invisible Ink2017-05-03
  • Our company specializes in processing regular playing cards to marked playing cards with poker printer and such invisible ink as luminous ink.
  • Texas Holdem Poker Predictor Analyzer2017-05-02
  • This device uses an embedded micro-camera to scan a deck of marked playing cards and the cards have to be premarked with specific, almost impossible to detect patterns, which the software of the device can recognize and analyze.
  • How To Mark Luminous Cards By Yourself2017-05-02
  • This device is capable of printing any kind of cards: back marked cards and barcode marked cards. After marked, they are excellent and secret for your poker cheating analyzer system.