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  • Iphone 7 Power Bank Poker Scanner2017-08-01
  • Iphone 7 poker scanning camera can scan the scanner marked cards quickly and accurate, then work with various poker analyzer to forecast the poker games result.
  • AKK A1 Poker Analyzer Device2017-07-31
  • AKK A1 is a new type playing cards analyzer which have more practical functions to help user to predict the poker games.
  • Feature Of Superior Infrared Contact Lenses2017-07-31
  • IR contact lenses are for reading the invisible ink marked playing cards. With good quality, they are able to see the marks on cards clearly at a long distance around the poker table.
  • Omaha Poker Analyzer Devices2017-07-28
  • AKK A1 all in one poker analyzer, K4 all in one poker analyzer, K5 all in one poker analyzer and so on are useful all in one poker analyzer and they are very convenient , there are one or two mini cameras inside it.