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  • How do you make invisible ink?2017-02-21
  • Luminous ink is a type of invisible ink used on the back of red backed playing cards. Invisible to the normal eye, yet with a red filter lense you will see the markings.
  • Piatnik Star Club Luminous Ink Cards Deck2017-02-21
  • Piatnik Star Club marked cards are the cards marked with invisible ink on the back, and those marks we made can be seen only when wearing our infrared contact lenses.
  • Cheating Pen For Invisible Ink Playing Cards2017-02-21
  • The magic invisible ink pen filled with the invisible ink can help you process any kind of poker cards. You can write big numbers or small letters on cards in order to recognize the poker face.
  • UV Luminous Ink To Mark Infrared Playing Cards2017-02-21
  • And UV luminous invisible ink will only work with our UV contact lenses or sunglasses. Those marks drawn on the back of poker cards are invisible from our naked eyes but for our contact lenses.