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Poker scanner camera

Poker scanner camera, which we also call it playing cards scanner or marked cards reader, means that it can scan or read the code marked cards. With different forms and appearance, poker fans can choose the scanning camera as they like. Poker scanner camera can be phone scanning camera, car key barcode reader camera, poker table scanner, lighter playing cards camera, chip tray poker camera, mobile power bank card cheating equipment, clothes button camera, shuffler cards reader camera and so on, this we call short distance camera, normally their scanning distance is 8-20 cm, 20-40 cm, 40-60 cm, 60- 80 cm, 80-100 cm. These poker scanner cameras need to be put on the table, some people also call them poker table scanner. According to some special poker environment, it can also be lamp scanning camera, wall speaker poker scanner detector, this we call long distance scanning camera, generally speaking, their scanning range is about 1-2 meters, 1 .5 - 2.5 meters, 2-3 meters, 2.5 - 3,5 meters, 3 - 4 meters, 3.5 - 4.5 meters, 4 - 5 meters. In addition, the poker card camera which we call wide dynamic scanner camera has big scanning range, the scanning distance can last 2 - 5 meters, the outstanding card cheating techniques. If you need customized camera, we also can do it, because we have the professional technology team.

Playing cards scanner camera

Poker scanning camera, marked cards contact lenses, invisible ink glasses, infrared camera, these products all need to work with magic marked cards, but are they the same products? The answer is no, they are the totally different. Poker scanning camera is a part in poker analyzer system, it use different technology to read the playing cards, people with infrared camera lens cannot do anything on it, moreover luminous ink contact lenses and marked cards glasses. Playing cards scanner camera widely used in poker games, for it is most practical and the most accurate device. Is there anything better than knowing the card game winner directly? No, only poker scanning camera, the barcode cards reader camera. Poker scanner camera let many poker players change impossible into possible since they know the secret to win the games.

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